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RIP: The Most Reverend Brother John-Charles, F.O.D.C.

Bishop Damien Mead reports:
"Of your charity please pray for The Most Reverend Brother John-Charles (Vockler) F.O.D.C. who has entered his eternal rest.

Archbishop Haverland, in an email to me today, (6th February 2014), has informed me that "Canon Matthew Kirby, in Australia, wrote shortly after midnight, U.S. Eastern time, to report the death of Brother John-Charles, fifth Acting Primate of the Anglican Catholic Church. His Grace died peacefully, and Canon Kirby was with him at the time."

The Third Order Guardian has also informed me: "It is my sad duty to inform you that Brother John-Charles died today just before 4:30 pm. Canon Kirby had given him last rites the night before, and was there at the end to pray the commendatory prayers. He was laid out after death simply in his Franciscan habit, as he had instructed, without any jewellery or episcopal clothing."

+ Rest eternal grant unto him, O Lord, and let light perpetual shine upon him. Amen. "

Bishop Mead recently commented on Br John-Charles life and ministry on his Facebook page with the following article:

The Most Reverend Brother John-Charles (Vockler), F.O.D.C., who from 2001 until his retirement in 2005, served as Metropolitan Archbishop of the Original Province (ACC).

John Charles Vockler was born in Sydney, Australia, on 22 July 1924.

He was educated at the University of Adelaide and ordained an Anglican priest in 1948. He was an assistant priest at Christ Church Cathedral, Newcastle then vice-warden of St John's College, University of Queensland. After a short time in New York he was a lecturer in theology at St John's Theological College, Morpeth, New South Wales. Later he was Archdeacon of the Eyre Peninsula and an assistant bishop in the Diocese of Adelaide in 1959, and at that time, was reputedly the youngest Bishop in the Anglican Communion. He was subsequently appointed, in 1963, Diocesan Bishop of Polynesia.

He has been for many years a professed Anglican Franciscan Friar, and founded the Franciscan Order of Divine Compassion (F.O.D.C.).

He spent sometime in England and served as a Bishop in the Church of England.

After moving to the United States he was initially an assistant bishop in the Episcopal Diocese of Quincy.

He was received into the Anglican Catholic Church in 1994 and re-established the F.O.D.C. in the ACC. He initially resided at the ACC Holyrood Seminary in Liberty, New York, but was appointed bishop of the Anglican Catholic Church's Diocese of New Orleans in 1999. He was the archbishop of the Original Province of the Anglican Catholic Church from 2001 to 2005. He then retired and returned to his native Australia.

As an author he has written several books, including; Can Anglicans Believe Anything: The Nature and Spirit of Anglicanism, and Two Paths to Holiness, One Man's Prayers, The Seven Deadly Sins and Seven Graceful Virtues , and an autobiography One Man's Journey (1972).

In November 2012 it was announced that the Wilkins Foundation had translated his book 'One Man's Prayers', into Swahili.

This series of reflections and devotions is the second book by the retired Archbishop of the ACC to be produced for use in the African Church, the first being a translation of 'The Seven Deadly Sins and Seven Graceful Virtues' into Kinyarwanda.

I said I was going to ask you to keep him in your prayers. Brother John-Charles will celebrate his 90th Birthday this year and is now rather frail. What is even more remarkable is he will also celebrate the 55th Anniversary of his Consecration as a Bishop in the Church of God

I am privileged to have met him on a number of occasions and honoured to know that he was a co-consecrator of my chief consecrator (The Right Revd Rommie Starks, Bishop of the ACC Diocese of the Midwest, USA) and am proud to have him in my line of succession as bishop.