Anglican Catholic Church

Prayer for the Philippines

The Bishop requests the Diocese of the United Kingdom and all visitors to this website to pray for the people of the Philippines and all who have suffered as a result if Typhoon Haiyan.
He especially asks prayers for the Rt. Rev. Rene Canillo, Bishop Ordinary of the Anglican Catholic Church's Missionary District of the Philippines, for his clergy and people.

Almighty God,
Creator and Lord of the Universe, thou hast set the earth on its foundation
and all elements of nature obey thy command. Thou givest all good things to all flesh, Thou dost provide the heavens with clouds, and provideth rain to the earth.
We humbly beseech thee
O Lord, Most High, to have mercy upon us and forgive us our sins and to keep us, Thy children, safe from all dangers and perils that threaten us:
especially all those who endure the attack of whirlwinds, tornadoes and typhoons, the calamity and destruction of hurricanes,
the din and damage of hail storms,
the striking of thunderbolts and lightning,
and the devastation of floods and tidal waves.
May we all be secure in Thy loving protection,
seek Thy Will in all our doings and ever seek to serve thee always with grateful hearts.
For the sake of Jesus Christ, Thy only Son, our Lord, Amen.