Anglican Catholic Church

Resignation from Ministry

The Reverend Christopher Bosworth, who joined the Anglican Catholic Church in 1999, has formally requested from the Bishop in writing dispensation to be released from the obligations of the clerical state, including release from his canonical oaths, and be permitted to live as a layman within the full communion of the Anglican Catholic Church.

The Right Reverend Damien Mead, Bishop Ordinary of the Diocese of the United Kingdom, has confirmed that he has accepted Fr Christopher Bosworth's resignation in accordance with CANON 10.8. RELINQUISHMENT AND RENUNCIATION OF THE MINISTRY BY A PRIEST OR DEACON (of the Provincial Canons of the Original Province of the Anglican Catholic Church) with immediate effect. Declaring, thereby, that Christopher Bosworth is deposed and released from obligations of the Ministerial Office, and that he is deprived of all exercise of the gifts and spiritual authority as a Minister of Godâ??s Word and Sacraments conferred on him by his Ordination. He also confirmed that Mr Bosworth has resigned his orders for no reason involving error in religion nor in response to ecclesiastical discipline.

Mr Bosworth originally resigned from active parish ministry on health grounds in December 2010 although it had been hoped that he would once again become more active and take a leading part in the development of the ACC's work in South Wales. The Bishop confirmed that with this announcement the plans for the St Asaph House Group will no longer proceed and the area will once again come under the Anglican Catholic Fellowship Chaplaincy.