Anglican Catholic Church

Canterbury Church Shop Window Broken

Arriving for the Parish Mass at St Augustine's Church in Canterbury on the morning of the First Sunday after Epiphany (Sunday 13th January) 2012, Bishop Mead discovered that sometime in the early hours of the morning part of the window of the Canterbury Church Shop, in Orange Street, had been broken.

Subsequent investigation showed that the police had attended the property after the window was broken at 2am on the Sunday morning. It is thought by drunken revelers, which is an increasingly common occurrence in the Cathedral City, especially on Saturday nights/early Sunday mornings. The area around the Church and Shop have a number of late night drinking establishments and the noise levels and behaviour of some of those attending them has been a cause of concern for residents and members of the business community for some time.

Bishop Mead (who is founder and Chairman of the Church Shop) made it clear that he felt that the shop had not been targeted specifically, adding "We were just an innocent victim in the midst of a drunken incident".

The Police had arranged for the window to be boarded over, for which the Bishop expressed his gratitude, although he was not notified at the time, only discovering the damage on the morning before Mass. Thankfully the damage was limited and nothing was stolen.