Anglican Catholic Church

"Anglican Catholic Fellowship"

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The new 'Anglican Catholic Fellowship"

The new 'Anglican Catholic Fellowship"

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The Fellowship replaces 'Anglican Catholic's At Large"

The Fellowship replaces 'Anglican Catholic's At Large"

On Saturday 5th January 2012, the Bishop and his Council of Advice decided to rename and relaunch the Ministry to isolated members, friends and supporters of the ACC in the Diocese.

As a result the 'Anglican Catholics At Large' Chaplaincy was renamed 'The Anglican Catholic Fellowship". Explaining the reasons for the change the Bishop said "The intention is that this will seek more effectively to support those members of the Church isolated from our existing Missions and Parishes, and promote the establishment of House Groups in convenient locations of like minded individuals for prayer, study and fellowship. It is hoped these will in turn lead to the establishment of new Missions. However initially the House Group model requires less commitment, knowledge and skills than the formation of Missions."

Chaplains for the Northern and Southern Deaneries

Anyone interested is asked to contact the Chaplains:

Southern Deanery: Canon Don Walker 0208 398 4304
Northern Deanery: Father Howard Marsh 07800 744975 or email howardjm44(at)