Anglican Catholic Church

Holy Week & Easter around the Diocese

Service Times for Holy Week & Easter Services around the Diocese. These will be added to as an when the website receives information from our Missions and Parishes.

St Augustine's, Canterbury, Kent

Holy Week & Easter

1st April, Palm Sunday: 11am Distribution of Palms and Sung Mass (Followed by short Healing Service)
4th April, Wednesday in Holy Week: 12 noon Chrism Mass (With a Reception into the ACC)
5th April, Maundy Thursday 7pm Mass of the Lord’s Supper, Stripping of the Altar & Watch.
6th April, Good Friday 12 noon Liturgy of the Word, Veneration of the Cross & Mass of the Pre-Sanctified.
7th April, Holy Saturday 7pm Paschal Vigil & First Mass of Easter
8th April, Easter Day 11am Solemn Pontifical Sung Mass

Easter Confessions by appointment

St Alban the Martyr, Salford, Greater Manchester

Holy Week & Easter

1st April, Palm Sunday 10. 00am Morning Prayer 10.45am Blessing of Palms Solemn Mass
5th April, Maundy Thursday (Service at Our Lady & St.Edward Bolton)
6th April, GOOD FRIDAY 11.00am Confessions (Fr.Jim) 12noon Stations of the Cross 1pm Liturgy of the Day
8th April, EASTER DAY 9.30am Confessions (Fr.Charles) 10.00am Morning prayer 10.45am Pascal Ceremonies Solemn Mass

Our Lady of Walsingham & St Francis, Rochester, Kent

Holy Week & Easter

Sun 1st April, Palm Sunday 10.00 Sung Mass with Blessing of Palms

Thurs 5th April, Maundy Thursday 2.30 Sung Mass of the Last Supper with Stripping of the Altar

Fri 6th April, Good Friday 2.30 Solemn Liturgy of the Day with Veneration of the Cross and Holy Communion

Sat 7th April, Holy Saturday 7.00pm Easter Vigil (at Canterbury)

Sun 8th April, Easter Day 10.00 Sung Mass

St Bede's, Thamesditton, Surrey

1st April, Palm Sunday, Distribution of Palms and Low Mass 11:15am.
8th April, Easter Day, Low Mass 11:15am.

St Benedict's, South Molton, Devon

Holy Week & Easter Services.

Palm Sunday (1st April), 10am Low Mass with the Blessing & Distribution of Palms

Wednesday in Holy Week (4th April), 1030am Stations of the Cross 11am Prayer Book Holy Communion

Maundy Thursday (5th April), 11am Low Mass, followed by the Striping of the Altar

Good Friday (6th April), 2pm Stations of the Cross & The last Seven Words from the Cross

Easter Day (8th April), 10am Paschal Ceremonies & Low Mass 2pm Prayer Book Holy Communion Eastleigh Care Home.