Anglican Catholic Church

Organist Wanted in Canterbury

Anglican Catholic Church of St Augustine, Best Lane, Canterbury, Kent.

Organist Required for 1 Sunday Service (possible mid week services from time to time) and willingness to Liase with our Cantor who sings the Propers at Mass and also sings during Holy Communion appreciated.

Fee: £20 - £30 per service (Dependent on Experience and open to negotiation when funds permit).

Sunday Sung Mass: 11am (lasts approx 1.5 hours) 4 hymns, music before, during communion and after.

Minimum commitment required 1st, 2nd & 3rd Sundays of the Month. We now have a relief organist who can play on the 4th and 5th Sundays and during the week at Sungs Masses as announced and as required.

We are a tiny Church with a small but slowly growing congregation. Warm and friendly. We are a traditional Anglican Church using the Anglican Missal and Book of Common Prayer. Merbecke is the prefered setting for Mass with hymns from the New English Hymnal.

Our newly aquired organ is a Johannus Opus 220 organ (pictured). It has two manuals and a full standard pedal board. Tonal quality is excellent.
Great: Diapason 8, Stopped Flute 8, Gamba 8, Octave 4, Open Flute 4, Twelfth 2.2/3, Octave 2, Super Quint 1.1/3, Octave 1, Mixture V, Trumpet 8, Clarion 4, Tremulant, Swell: Quintaton 16, Diapason 8, Salicional 8, Rohr Flute 8, Octave 4, Coppel Flute 4, Flute Twelfth 2.2/3, Flute 2, Sesquialtera II, Fagotto 16, Cromorne 8, Tremulant, Coupler Swell to Great
Pedals: Double Bass 16, Sub Bass 16, Principal 8, Gedackt 8, Twelth 5.1/3, Octave 4, Mixture, Contra Trumpet 16, Clarion 4. Couplers from Swell and Great.

Further details: Bishop Mead 01797 321704 Email: bishopmead(at)
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