Anglican Catholic Church

New Parish Minibus for Canterbury

After the morning Mass on Sexagesima Sunday (12th February 2012) The Bishop took delivery of, on behalf of his Church of St Augustine, Best Lane, Canterbury, a new Parish Minibus. The Nine Seater Vauxhall Vivaro Minibus has been very generously provided by Credo Group of Companies (, which includes the Canterbury Church Shop Ltd, and will be shared between the shop and St Augustine’s.

Emblazoned with the ACC Shield and the name “Anglican Catholic Church, Diocese of the United Kingdom”. The Minibus is also sign written with the diocesan website and address of St Augustine’s. The Minibus will be seen in Canterbury and the surrounding area on a daily basis.

Welcoming the Minibus the Bishop said that although on the rear of the minibus was written “Unchanging Faith in a Changing World” it didn’t mean that the Church was static. The Bishop went on to say; “The firm message this bus will carry around the streets of this wonderful, ancient, City of Canterbury, is threefold: The ACC is here to stay; the Diocese of the United Kingdom is here to stay; the Parish of St Augustine’s is here to stay!”

After accepting the key from Mr Richard Mulholland, Manager of the Canterbury Church Shop Ltd, Bishop Mead immediately handed it back. “As a non driver” the Bishop confessed, “I can honestly say this is the first time I have been handed the key
to a vehicle! Since I haven’t got a clue what to do with it, you’d better have it back!”

Mr Roy Hipkiss, Parish Member and a Director of the Credo Group Companies, had also given a personal gift to accompany the bus. The Personalised number plates CH10RCH !