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An Invitation to remain faithful Anglicans ...

The Right Revd Damien Mead, Bishop Ordinary of the Diocese of the United Kingdom recently issued an invitation to all who wish to remain faithful Anglican's in light of developments within the Church of England.

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An invitation to remain faithful Anglicans.
From The Right Revd Damien Mead, Bishop Ordinary,
Diocese of the United Kingdom, Anglican Catholic Church


The recent decisions by the Church of England in relation to the consecration of women as ‘bishops’ has, I know, left many Anglicans feeling confused, bewildered, angry and hurt. For many this has been heightened by the impending withdrawal of the pastoral provisions that had enabled them to continue to live, no matter how unhappily, within a Church and tradition that I know they love. On a wider level the Church of England has increasingly lost credibility and fails to inspire and take a lead from its unique place in our nation’s life.

The Anglican Catholic Church has, since its formation in 1978, made its position on the question of the ordination of women clear, as it has on theological, ethical and moral issues, liturgical innovation and other liberal developments in much of the modern church. For example: no bishop in the ACC would call into question the Resurrection of Christ or his Virgin Birth and retain his office. We have developed an international presence and communion of likeminded traditional Christians who are Anglican and Catholic in their faith and practice. We support missionary activity at home and abroad. We have, internationally, schools and clinics and display a commitment to both practical displays of Christian love as well as to disciplined and beautiful worship, where the central focus is on God rather than the individual.

We have sought to provide a loving and caring home to those who have felt that the modern church offers little to those who seek to embrace the Gospel of Christ in the way that the Church has believed it to be embraced for the last 2000 years. We welcome those who wish to fight against the world, the flesh and the devil under the banner of Christ Crucified rather than follow ‘politically correct’ fad and fancy. We are not perfect. We know, better than even our detractors and critics, our own weaknesses and shortcomings. But we have remained faithful.

Pope Benedict XVI has issued an invitation to former Anglicans to become Roman Catholics. Some disaffected Anglicans will, no doubt, decide to do so. Some other ‘continuing’ Anglicans have also decided to go in that direction. However there is another option for those of you who wish to remain faithful traditional Anglicans - the Anglican Catholic Church.

In what we believe we echo the words of the late Archbishop of Canterbury, Archbishop Geoffrey Fisher, who said of the then Church of England, "We have no faith of our own, but only the Catholic faith of the Catholic Church enshrined in the Catholic creeds.”

The Anglican Catholic Church (Original Province) is the successor of the faith of Archbishop Fisher, and faithful Anglicans stretching back to St. Augustine of Canterbury and beyond. In 1992 the Diocese of the United Kingdom was formed. Please God you will seriously consider this invitation to join us (or at least find out more about us) and we in return promise you will find with us fellowship, compassion, a desire for unity and a commitment to the revival of orthodox Anglican Catholic Christianity in our great nation.

In Christ Jesus,
+Damien Mead