Anglican Catholic Church

Missions : 2 gains and 1 'loss'.

The XIX Synod of the Diocese of the United Kingdom recoginised as full Missions into the Diocese The Mission of Our Lady and St Edward, Bolton, Lancashire and the Mission of St Benedict, South Molton, Devon.

Sadly a request from the congregation at St Alban the Martyr, Northolt to close their Mission was received and accepted by the Synod. A vote of thanks was recorded for the faithful witness and work of the Mission which originally joined the ACC from the Traditional Anglican Communion (TAC) in 1999. The Ministry of the former priests in charge, Father Chris Bosworth and Fr Desmond Spackman, was especially appreciated as was the commitment of Mr & Mrs Richard Mann and their family who have been staunch supporters of the Mission. Those who attend the Mission have transfered their ACC Membership to The Mission of St Bede's, Thames Ditton.