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ACC Mission in South Africa Vandalised

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Fr Michael Williams and the burnt altar.

Fr Michael Williams and the burnt altar.

The Very Revd Alan Kenyon-Hoare (Vicar General of the Diocese of Southern Africa writes) -

Vandals struck recently at the chapel which Father Mike Williams rents at a school in Bonteheuwel. The altar and its furniture were torched and prayer books, hymn books and a bible were also burnt. The vandals had also taken the crucifix off the wall and placed it upside-down on the altar, presumbably hoping it too would burn,. The attack must have been made shortly before school was due to start on 8th May as the flames were noticed by staff at the school and were extinguished before the whole building could be destroyed.

We do not have an estimate of the cost, but it could run into several hundred dollars because apart from replacing church furniture, the whole room will have to be repainted.

The Diocese of the United Kingdom responded by donating $100 which was matched by $100 from St Augustine's, Canterbury. These funds are to be sent to the Archbishop for distribution by him on his next visit to South Africa.