Anglican Catholic Church

Bishops Visitation Diary June 2006

Our Episcopal Visitor visits the Diocese this June. His diary will include:

Thursday 15th June 7.30pm Pontifical Sung Mass for Corpus Christi at the Parish Church of Our Lady of Walsingham & St Francis, Rochester

Sunday 18th June 11am Pontifical Sung Mass at the Mission of St Augustine, Canterbury, followed at 2pm by a parish lunch at a local restuarant.

Wednesday 21st June 12 noon Low Mass at The Mission of St Nicholas of Myra, Lydd

Saturday 24th June 12 noon Mass at The Mission of St Mary and St Eanswythe, Dartford followed by a buffet.

Sunday 25th June 1pm Mass at The Mission of St Theresa, Northampton followed by lunch.

During his visit the Bishop will interview 2 prospective candidates for ordination training.