Anglican Catholic Church

Celebrations in Dartford

Dr Fidge writes ...Our Mass on Saturday 25 September was attended by far and above the best congregation of people we have ever welcomed to the Mission of St Mary and St Eanswythe, Dartford (apart from our inaugural Mass) which certainly made it a Patronal Festival to remember. There were fifteen of us and we would have had a bit of a job fitting more people in! It was good to welcome people from Rochester, Lydd, Thanet, and London to join with our small group and make this such a festive occasion. Thanks to Fr Mead who provided the music for us to begin and end our worship with hymns of praise; Fr Walker, who celebrated, also preached on the subjects of who saints really are and Fr Spackman who assisted with the Chalice during the Communion. It was so uplifting to be caught up in a great volume of sound as we responded to the action of the Mass. These are the joys and blessings of coming together in support of one another on such festive occasions.

What we did not know then was a mini disaster lay in wait for us at the Birchwood Golf Club. When we got there for our Annual Patronal Lunch, nothing had been prepared and our booking had been completely overlooked. Luckily Dulcie Fidge had gone ahead of the main party and was able to secure an area where we were able to form an ad hoc base and settle down for some lunch as best we could. Thank you all for taking it in your stride so well. It just shows what resilient people we are.