Anglican Catholic Church

Receptions into ACC

Father Damien Mead was warmly welcomed when he visited St Ninian's Church, Whitby to receive 10 adults and 1 child into the ACC on Palm Sunday 4th April 2004. Father Mead presided over the Palm Sunday ceremonies and celebrated the Sung Mass. The Church used by the congregation is an historic building in Whitby and a stones throw from the Harbour.
Other members of the congregation supported the receptions into ACC and a general sense of 'coming safely home' was a dominate feature in the conversations which followed Mass over coffee. The Mission in Whitby joined ACC some years ago but was lead away from the Church by the breakaway group in 1997.
Father Philip-James French who led the congregation back into the ACC was also received on Palm Sunday and began the formal process to become licensed within the ACC. After being formally interviewed by the Guardians and satisfying the requirements of ACC. Fr French, who is a Benedictine, was ordained 'sub conditione' Deacon on Saturday 17th April 2004 and Priested 'sub conditione' on Saturday 24th April 2004 by Bishop Starks.