Anglican Catholic Church

Northampton Chapel Blessed

The recently established Provisional Mission of Theresa in Northampton celebrated the dedication of its new chapel on Sunday 19th October. The Mass was well attended and it was especially good to welcome visitors from the ACC in the United States who were visiting England. Mass was followed by a lovely buffet meal.

The Very Revd Damien Mead blessed the chapel, which, the Priest in charge, Father Chris Bosworth and his wife Cathy, have established adjacent to their home. The Dean, who also preached, reminded those present in his sermon of how St Theresa had always wanted to be a missionary, but suffering from poor health and weakness was unable to do so. Entering a convent at a young age she devoted herself to prayer, in particular praying for those who were able to do more physically to spread the Gospel of Love. The Dean also explained that no one should feel that they cannot play their part in the furtherance of God's Kingdom. We are all called by God to be Missionary in heart, through active work, giving financial support, prayer and spreading the word by good example.

Afterwards during the buffet, the American visitors shared their experience of the Church in the United States.