Anglican Catholic Church

Bishop Starks Visits DUK

At the end of January, Bishop Rommie Starks (Bishop of the Midwest – USA) visited the Anglican Catholic Mission of St Mary and St Eanswythe, Dartford. He was returning to the USA from an Episcopal visit to India, and managed to spend a few days with Dr Roy and Mrs Dulcie Fidge in Dartford. On Saturday, 25 January Bishop Starks celebrated the monthly house Mass for the Mission and afterwards enjoyed spending time with ACC members and friends at a lunch arranged in his honour.

The followong day, Sunday 26 January, Bishop Starks attended morning Mass at the Chapel of the Anglican Catholic Mission of Our Lady of Walsingham and St Nicholas, Rochester.

Later, that same day, Bishop Starks was able to meet with the Diocesan Dean, the Very Rev Damien Mead when they were dinner guests of Dr Roy and Mrs Dulcie Fidge at the Thistle Tower Hotel overlooking Tower Bridge in London. Bishop Starks said, " I am so pleased to be able to spend a few days visiting members of the ACC in this part of Kent, to worship with them, and to see that they are very committed to establish and continue the work of the ACC here." Bishop Starks was instrumental in helping to establish the Mission of St Mary and St Eanswythe in Dartford in 1994. He was formerly chaplain to Bishop Joseph Deyman, who celebrated the inaugural Mass of the Dartford Mission on Advent Sunday 1994. " My wife and I were so pleased to welcome Bishop Starks back to Dartford," said the Warden of the Mission, and Diocesan Secretary, Dr Roy Fidge, "It was good of him to find the time to stopover and see how we are getting on here. In addition to meeting up with Church Members we also plan a few surprises for him !"

Bishop Starks found a little relaxation from his busy schedule with a visit to the ballet, a Mozart concert and an evening at the National Theatre's latest musical "Anything Goes" by Cole Porter. In his Diocese, Bishop Starks has the Parish Church where Cole Porter grew up and sang in the choir (in Peru, Indiana). "We still use the piano in church that Cole Porter used to play," said Bishop Starks, "so I am most interested to have the chance to see one of his shows in London."