Anglican Catholic Church

DUK Evangelism Day

"From Upper Room to Every Room"

- Fr Chris Bosworth reports ... What a fantastic day was had in the ACC/DUK on . An Evangelism study day was held in London and was very well attended with good representation from the laity and most of the clergy, many travelling long distances to take part.

The day started after opening prayers with a session presented by Mark and Rahel Lundrum. Mark and Rahel are both missionaries with the Jews for Jesus organisation based in London. Mark kick-started the morning session by working through biblical references to the Messiah. He spoke at length, quoting scriptural references, mostly from memory.

Mark gave us all an insight into both Old and New Testament references to The Messiah ranging from Genesis 3, through the prophets Jeremiah, Isaiah and Micah, with references to Matthew and Mark as well as the Epistles. This absolutely superb presentation was followed by Rahel, who spoke at length about her personal experiences of evangelising 'in the field'. During her presentation, Rahel, calling on her own personal experiences, was able to highlight for the group strategies to overcome objections experienced during evangelising.

To round off the morning session with Mark and Rahel, and our great session with Jews for Jesus, we could relax a bit with a video presentation of the latest work going on with the Jews for Jesus current Evangelism crusade. The video, although only ten minutes long provided a good insight into the way Jews for Jesus carries out its evangelism work. The morning, though centred on Jews for Jesus, was of course about the process of evangelism, and the ways in which it might be successfully applied within our own local areas and with emphasis for The Anglican Catholic Church in particular. Issues affecting evangelism such as multiculturalism, youth and other outreach matters were explored in an open and lively discussion followed by a question and answer session, fielded by our guest speakers. The morning session ended with all participants in a very positive frame of mind and looking forward to putting some of these ideas into practice.

Following an excellent buffet lunch the afternoon session commenced with Fr Damien showing the group a new leaflet that was being produced on behalf of the diocese for use by the parishes for evangelism purposes. Hopefully these leaflets will be available soon for use in all ACC groups and parishes.

If any groups or parishes have a member who might be interested in evangelism we would all be grateful if they could make themselves known.