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Provisional Mission of St Anselm & St Odile (Sheffield)

Currently, the Provisional Mission meets at Dungworth Village Hall, Main Road, Dungworth, Sheffield, S6 6HF. For more information please contact Fr Jonathan Munn, the priest-in-charge.

This Mission started from scratch making its first public Masses on 6th October 2018. Due to various circumstances, it has not yet been possible to establish a regular programme of Worship, though there are certainly plans afoot to continue and grow as those circumstances alter in the next few years. Anyone interested is welcome to contact Fr Munn who, with permission, will collate contact details for the express purpose of communicating information about the Mission's situation.

Fr Munn explains the unusual patronage of the Mission here.

Why St Anselm and St Odile
Why an Italian Archbishop of Canterbury and a formerly blind nun?


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Fr Jonathan Munn OblOSB

Fr Jonathan Munn OblOSB

Tel: 07596 638248
Email is preferred.

Fr Munn has a blog upon which he regularly posts:

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Please contact the Priest in Charge

March to May 2019 Masses

Fr Jonathan has a Lulu Spotlight page on which you may find his publications for the Anglican Catholic Church.

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