Anglican Catholic Church

Organist to join the Church in Kent

On Sunday 8th July the Bishop will, Dv, receive into the full communion of the Anglican Catholic Church, the organist at St Augustine?s Church, Painters Forstal, Kent, Dr Michael Bond.

Dr Bond has been the organist at the Pro-Cathedral Parish since June 2017.

Commenting upon his reception, Dr Bond said: Sunday 8th of July will be a special day in my life, I will affirm my commitment to the Anglican Catholic Church, something I have wanted to do for quite sometime . . . . . Now Is the time for me. . . . . With St Augustine?s being the pro Cathedral (as it contains the Bishops throne), it will now contain an instrument (organ) worthy of being in such a place. Come on the 8th to hear it giving its finest to the glory of God.

The organ refered to is the Digital Instrument Dr Bond has so generously secured for the Church and which will, after a number of false starts, finally replace the Church?s 40+ year old analogue organ.